Monday, November 9, 2015

Me, myself and Innsbrook After hours

Im Kelsi, a 23 year old music lover born in Charleston, South Carolina. Of course VA is where I reside; raised in the finest fields of Cartersville, to the deepest roads of Richmond. Anywhere from my country daisy dukes and cowboy boots to my rock and roll crop tops and flip flops, you can find me at any show possible where my soul is involved; music. I’ll listen to any flavor, its the one thing in life I’m not picky about. To me, music is much more than words, it’s a feeling you get when you put your hand on your chest as the beat drops or even the emotion on the singers face as they belt out that one line that’s so alive it sends chills down your spine. Music is an art, a surrender, and if you ever have a speck of doubt in your mind to that, try going a day without it. Better yet, try walking down any block in RVA without hearing it. Music is a necessity; a way of life :) Now that I’ve expressed my ridiculous passion for music, (inevitably) get ready for the best summer yet at Innsbrook After Hours!!!!
Look for more posts coming from me soon :))
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